Hi, I'm Maria

Since summer 2022 I'm an assistant professor in the DASYA lab at ITU Copenhagen.

Go to Who I am to learn more about my background.
In My projects you'll find what I've been working on as a postdoc and PhD.
Check Project proposals if you're a student looking for projects.

Who I am

Interests: I build computational tools for data with a spatial component. My broad interests are in complex and spatial networks, urban computing, timeseries forecasting, spatio-temporal interactions and the math behind. I'd love to learn more about synchronization phenomena and collective behaviour in complex systems. I'm most excited about applications related to sustainability, livable cities, music and exploration-driven discovery.

Experience: I work as an assistant professor in the DASYA lab at ITU Copenhagen, where I do research, give lectures about data analysis and management, and supervise students. Before this, I studied in Edinburgh, where I finished a Bachelors degree in Computer Science and Mathematics with the top grade in my class, and where I also did my PhD in Computer Science. During the PhD I enjoyed having teaching roles in courses about Machine Learning, Social Networks, Discrete Maths, and Algorithms. I was a teaching assistant for a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) for students new to Computer Science and gave science festival workshops about learning how to code a computer game, as well as taught the Computing Club for a class of primary school students.

IT University of Copenhagen

Assistant professor.

IT University of Copenhagen

Postdoc position with research and teaching responsabilities.

The University of Edinburgh

PhD thesis in Computer Science: Algorithms for learning from spatial and location data (slides, thesis)

The University of Edinburgh

Bachelors with Honours in Computer Science and Mathematics: Euler tours on the grid (slides, thesis)

My projects

The projects I've been working on during my PhD and postdoc can be roughly split into the following topics: human mobility data, timeseries analysis for renewable power forecasting, music genre embeddings.

Teaching and supervision

I am passionate about teaching and working with students. If you're a student at ITU wanting to be supervised by me, go to Project proposals.


I like street photography, candid shots and natural landscapes; shooting both digital and analog.

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